Contact numbers drop / decrease when selecting list for sending Follow

Wondering why your contact numbers drop down when you select a list for sending? Then you've come to the right place!

What we usually find is that there are usually some inactive (normally due to contacts being deactivated by the system due to returning a permanent bounce message from a prior send) and unsubscribed contacts that make up part of the list. When you go to send to a list, the numbers adjust because inactive and unsubscribed contacts won't be included in your send. You can find out if this is the case by doing a search on your contact list:

  1. Go to 'Contacts' in the account.
  2. From the drop down menu's up the top, choose the correct list.
  3. Click the 'Advanced search' icon from the top right corner of the contact table (the little magnifying glass icon).


  4. From the first drop down, choose 'Activation status'.
  5. From the second drop down, choose 'Is'.
  6. From the third drop down, choose 'Inactive.
  7. Click the grey 'Add field' button at the top of the search window.
  8. Now add the criteria 'Subscribed' - 'Is' - 'No'.
  9. Change the search option in the top right corner to 'Match ANY Field'.
  10. Click the green 'Search' button.


    You should then find the number of inactive/ unsubscribed contacts in the top left corner of your contact table which you are welcome to delete from the system if required.

It is also possible that there may be some contacts in the list who are duplicates, or who don't have an email address. If there are duplicate contacts, you can check this in your send details:

  1. Go to 'Contacts'.
  2. Click on 'Duplicates' near the top
  3. Select the folder and list you wish to check for duplicates


    You should then clearly be able to see if there are duplicate contacts.  
    Please note that you can also change the field by which duplicates are checked.  The default field is email though if you have your own system to managing contacts (e.g. Customer ID) you can change the duplicate contact options to reflect this by clicking the link under the list selection drop down menu.  

If this doesn't explain the contact number difference, please feel free to send us a chat or ticket in the help center and we will be happy to look into it for you.

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