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If you would like to set up a series of 4 email newsletters to be triggered once a week when someone signs up to a Subscribe form, you can set this up using automations.

Requirements before setup

Before you set up your automation you will need a couple of things set up in your account:

  • The form that people will subscribe through
  • The 4 emails you want triggered

If you're not sure how to set up a form or automation you can view the articles below in our help centre.

Forms overview

Getting started (basic email design)

Automate weekly emails

  1. Go to Automation
  2. Make sure that the automations menu is selected
  3. Click the New automation button
  4. Select the type of automation you wish to set (e.g. "Educate Your Subscribers")
  5. Click the Create button


  6. Select the folder and the List - this is the list where your subscribers will be added to
  7. Click the Select and Go button

  8. Click the Edit button beside the first Weekly Newsletter step


  9. In Step 1 of 4 set the trigger as Subscribe
  10. In Step 2 of 4 set the List where your contacts will be subscribing to
  11. In Step 3 of 4 set the first message in the series
  12. In Step 4 of 4 set when you would like this first message to be sent (e.g. immediately after the contact subscribes)
  13. Click the Save button

  14. This will drop you back at the overview area - click the Edit button next to the 'Weekly Newsletter (7 days)' option
  15. Repeat steps 9-13 above, adjusting the time frame for the message to be sent accordingly (e.g. 7 days after the contact subscribes)
  16. Repeat this for the remaining 'Weekly Newsletter (14 days)' option
  17. After setting up your first three automated messages, click the New Message button


  18. Set up the details for the fourth automated message similar to the previous messages (adjusting the time frame as required)

  19. Back on the overview page, click the On / Off buttons for all the messages you set up

Test your automated series

Now that your educational newsletter series is set up, you may want to subscribe yourself to the list so that you receive a copy of all the emails as well. 

If you are running a test, you might want to first edit your automations so they send out after a few minutes instead of hours or days, so you can quickly run your test.

To test your automations:

  1. Go to Lists and Forms
  2. Select the list which is linked to your automation series
  3. Choose Edit Forms from the Actions menu at the bottom of the screen
  4. Navigate to the subscribe form
  5. Click the View Form button in the top right corner of the screen
  6. Enter your details into the form and submit

You should immediately receive your first automation, followed by the rest in your series (depending on the time frames you set up above).

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