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Buttons are a great way to highlight an important call to action in your email. Good news! It's easy to make your own buttons in the system. You can create your own awesome buttons by using the blank button graphics in our Files and Images manager!

Here is a list on what we will be covering in this article (click to skip ahead):

If you wish to have more control over customising a button to use or would like a button to be a specific colour, please feel free to check out the article on how to Create a Button using a third party product such as Paint.

To access your Files and Images manager:

Click the 'Files and Images' menu item on the left.


Your File Manager will pop up and look something like this:

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Select a button to edit as your own: 

First lets change the folder in the top left corner from 'Default' to 'Buttons'.


Now that we have done this, find a blank button that you like and select it then click the arrow in the bottom right corner to view details.

Next, click the 'Edit' link which is to the right hand side of where the button is being shown.


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Editing the button in the Image Editor

This is the editing section of the File Manager:

If you click 'Text' up the top left of the editor, this will allow you to add text to your new button.

Now that you have the default text sitting there, you can click once inside the text area and type in what you want it to say on your button.

I chose the text 'New Button' , then I chose white for the colour from the colour options at the top. You can also select a different font if you like.

Now I can move the text on to the button, by clicking outside of the text area.

Once I have done this, I will be able to drag the text around by hovering over it, then clicking and dragging.

By clicking and dragging on the little silver circle with the arrows in it, you can also rotate and scale the size of your text!

Once you're done, click 'Apply' in the top right corner.

Then, click 'Save' in the top right corner.

Your new button is complete and ready for use!

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