Messages Glossary of Terms Follow

Terms found in the Edit Settings section :

  • Email Subject : This is what will be displayed inside the recipient's inbox and should entice your recipient to want to open the message.
  • Message Name : This is for your own purposes to distinguish between all the messages inside your account.
  • From Name : This is the name of the person that is sending out the message on behalf of your company. By default this will be the account owner.
  • From Address : This is the address that appears in your recipient's inbox indicating who the email is from.
  • Reply-to Address : This is the address that replies will be sent to when a recipient uses their email program's reply-to command. (please note : 'From' information will be used to replace any missing 'Reply-to' information during a send)
  • Save for future sends : This offers you the option of setting these details to always be used by default for future messages.
  • Saved Folder : This option allows you to save this message in any required folders for your own filing purposes.
  • Authorised Sender name : This is the person sending the message on behalf of the Company
  • Contact Details : This is so you can clearly identify who is sending the message as part of Spam Compliance

Different types of Messages you can create :

  • From an Email Template : This option (also known as a Drag and Drop template) is recommended if the person who will be editing the messages does not have any HTML experience
  • HTML Only : This option you would use if a designer creates an HTML template for the user to use who has no HTML experience. The user will have access to an edit toolbar to edit the text and images only. Any other design changes will need to be made in the Raw HTML code of the message
  • Raw HTML : The option is as it sounds. You can only create and edit the message in Raw HTML therefore this is recommended for those who can write and read the HTML code.
  • Create From Website : With this option the system will use a scrapper tool to scrape your logos and colours off your website to automatically populate a basic drag and drop template for you. This is perfect if you just wish to send a message to test the system without putting a lot of time into the design of the message. (please note: this tool is not compatible with all websites)
  • Text Only Email : This type of message is used if you only want to send a basic message and require no reporting. Generally used to send autoresponder messages such as 'Double opt-ins'.
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