The Dashboard Follow

Welcome to the Dashboard!

From here you can access everything to do with your account.  You will notice there are 3 large tiles here, each with a different option:

These will change from time to time to help you get the most out of the system and are designed to give you a helping hand to get started with your account

What is that long pale gray bar underneath those three tiles?

That is the Enable Customisable Dashboard button!  If you click it, under those 3 options you will see this customisable section appear:

Now, you can see that a new long gray button is at the bottom, labelled 'Add Widget'.  When you click this, you will be shown a whole array of different awesome and helpful widgets that you can add to your dashboard with just a click.  There is a category menu on the right, or you can just scroll through them all with the scrollbar.

All you need to do is click the small 'plus' button on the widgets you would like to add to your dashboard!

If you want to remove a widget later, hover your mouse over the title of the widget, when in your dashboard and click the black X in the right corner than appears.

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