Automatically Add an Event to the recipient's Calendar (iCal) Follow

When sending out Event Invite email messages, in some cases you may want to add a link in your email that will add this event to the recipients Calendar on their computer / device.

Step One - Create the iCal File

If you wish to add this, then I recommend for you to add a link to an iCalendar Appointment File (ics.)

For your information, we do not provide support on export or creation of iCal files. With a quick search, I found this tool (Not affiliated with our system). Please note we do not provide support for the following tool: 

Create an iCalendar Appointment File (.ics)

Once the file is created, you will need to download and save it to your computer.

Step Two - Upload the File to your Email Marketing Account

  1. Log into your email marketing account.
  2. Click 'Files and Images' from the left menu, under Tools.


  3. Click the green Upload button from the bottom left of the file manager.
  4. Click the Browse For File button.
  5. Select the iCal file from your computer where you saved it.
  6. Press 'OK'.
  7. Wait for the file to upload completely, then close the file manager window.

Step Three - Add the iCal File to your Email Message

  1. Log into your email marketing account.
  2. Go to 'Messages'.
  3. Select your message and choose Edit from the Actions menu.
  4. In your message, type the text that you want to link your iCal file to (e.g. Click here to add event to your calendar).
  5. Highlight the text.
  6. Click the Link button from the floating tool bar.


  7. From the drop down box, choose 'Uploaded File or Image'.
  8. Click the 'Choose File' button.


  9. Select the iCal file you uploaded to the file manager earlier.
  10. Click the green Insert Link button.
  11. Save your email message.

Once added to your message and the contacts have received your email, they can click on the link and be prompted whether they would like to add the date to their Calendar (as the iCal file is typically associated with a relevant application, such as Outlook).

Step Four - Test

To test this is working as desired, we recommend for you to send the message to yourself and click onto the link to see if you are offered the option to add this event to your calendar.


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