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Iphones and iPads have a built in functionality that automatically detects when a date is in text rendered on the device.

This can produce unwanted results as when dates are detected, they are automatically turned into an active link, which is blue.

The types of date formats detected are quite wide and often you will need to test on one of these devices, whether or not this will occur, by sending test emails.

To get around this problem, you need to enter special invisible characters in to the HTML of the email you are sending out, to break up the date text and 'trick' the iPhone or iPad into not recognising it as a date and therefore not turning it into a blue link.

To insert the invisible characters you need to enter this, numerous times into the date text to break it up :




Here is an example of how a date should be broken up with this special character :

How a date might appear in an email -

19-20 September 2014

In the HTML, here is how it should be broken up - note, the invisible characters are shown in bold :

<td>19-&#8203;20 Se&#8203;ptember 20&#8203;14</td>

Notice how each identifying element of the date has been broken by the invisible character.

It is also important to note, that when using this inserted character, after saving the HTML, they may appear to have vanished from your code if you go back to look at it.

The special characters are, however, still there; just invisible.



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