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If you do not have a landing page or website that you can use for Call to Action links or simply would like to type up a document of some kind to be linked to in your email message, than you can create this document as another email message in your account and simply link to this message.

Link to another email in your account

  1. Create a new message from and add all the content you require
  2. Save this message
  3. Create the email message you wish to send
  4. Turn on the Call to Action link for the component you require


  5. Click 'Select Link' on the right under the Call to Action Settings
  6. Select to link to 'Email Message' from the drop down selection
  7. Select the Folder and the Message
  8. Name the link
  9. Click open in a new window, then Insert Link



Instead of using the Call to Action link, you could also link to another email message via a text link or image link.

Test your links

  • Preview the email message you plan to send
  • Click onto your link
  • You should see the other message pop up in a new window


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