Drag and Drop templates Follow

Using the drag and drop editor has many benefits. It is easy to use and requires no HTML knowledge or experience. It also has features in place (such as components) which prevent you from having to create tables to design a multi-column email. Some of the other benefits of using the drag and drop editor are:

Mobile Responsive - All of our drag and drop templates are now mobile optimised, even when you create an email from scratch (blank template).

Correct HTML Code - As long as no custom code is added (such as pasting from MS Word), the code that the drag and drop editor uses is best practice for HTML emails - simple and inline coding.

Easy Use - As noted above, you do not need any experience in HTML coding to use the drag and drop editor. Adding background colour, changing width, adding additional columns, adding images, and much more, is all extremely simple.

No Need For Tables - If you like to, you can certainly still use tables in the drag and drop editor. But with the components available for creating columns, there is no need for tables unless absolutely necessary to your design.

Harder To Break - If you have colleagues who are also editing and using your templates, the drag and drop template will be harder to break than a HTML template.

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