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The following steps will be useful if you would like internal employees to receive notifications when a contact fills out a form. The below steps relate to notifications that should be sent to a specific department or person depending on the details of the contacts inquiry. (therefore not just the basic notification option)

Please note: This option will only be available if you already have the Advanced Automation Module active in your account. These instructions also assume you have already set up your Subscribe form with the different options available to be selected as per the example below:

Here is list of the steps we will be covering in this process:

  1. Setting up the notification email
  2. Set up the internal employees database
  3. Set up the automated automation

Lets get started.....

Setting up the notification email

This is the email that will be sent to the internal employee when a form is submitted. The email will need to include wildcards of the fields that are on the form. For example, if your form asks a contact to include first name, last name, email, phone and comments, then the wildcards you would need to use are:


The word 'campaign' is added to the wildcards in the above example (and will also need to be done in your email) to ensure that the wildcards display the information of the person who filled in the form and not those of whom the message is being sent to (which is how the wildcard feature normally functions).

To create the message:

  1. Go to 'Messages'.
  2. Click the 'New Message' button on the right.


  3. Choose the type of email from the list of Systems Templates or create your own HTML version.
  4. Once you have chosen the type of message you wish to create from, you can insert the wildcards by clicking the 'Wildcard' icon from the tool bar and selecting the list and field to insert.

  5. Once the wildcards are inserted, add the word 'campaign' at the beginning.
  6. Format the design as required and add any additional content that is required in your message.
  7. Save the message as something like 'Internal Notification'. Here is an example of a basic internal notification message:

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Set up the Internal Employees database

You will need to upload a list of your internal employees who will be receiving the notification message. I would recommend uploading these employees into their own separate list in the system.

To upload the employees:

  1. Save the employee information (e.g. name and email) into an excel spreadsheet.
  2. In the system, go to 'Lists and Forms'.
  3. Click the 'Upload Contacts' button on the right.


  4. Choose 'File Upload'.
  5. Click 'Browse' button and choose the excel file from your computer.
  6. Click the option 'Create New List' and type in the list name something like 'Internal Employee Database'. Click 'Next'.
  7. Match your 'Field Headings' and check the 'Advanced Settings' default settings meet your requirements
  8. Click the 'Import' button.

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Setting up the Automated Notification

You will now need to set up the Advanced Automation to trigger the notification email to your employees.

Here are the steps to create the Advanced Automation and associated steps:

  1. Go to 'Automation' in the account.
  2. Click 'Advanced Automation' tab at the top of the screen
  3. Click 'New Workflow' on the right hand side.

  4. Enter a name and select the folder.
  5. Choose the start date (and end date if applicable).


  6. Choose the correct time zone for the Automation.
  7. Click 'Save'.
  8. Click 'New Step'.


  9. Set the Source for this Automation by following these steps:
    • Select 'A trigger against the following list...'
    • Choose the List Folder e.g. Automations
    • Select the specific List that the contacts will be subscribing to (e.g. 'Enquiries Database'). Click Next.
  10. Select Trigger: 'Subscribe' (if you are using a normal form), or 'Update Profile' (if you are using an update profile form).
  11. Open up the 'Advanced Options' menu (optional)
    • Click the 'Add/ Edit' button.
    • Select the relevant field from the Field Criteria Dropdown, and the relevant value. e.g. 'What product are you interested in?' - 'Includes any' - 'Product A'
    • Click 'OK' then 'Next'
  12. You will need to now add the identifying information which will determine which internal employee the notification is sent to for the 'Action' tab. For example: If contact has selected 'Product A', the notification email will be sent to the employee who deals with Product A:
    • Select 'Notify these Contacts, with the Message...'
    • Click the 'Contacts' field to open up a new window and select the contacts
    • Check that the correct list is selected up the top of the window that contains your internal team members to contact
    • Then select the specific contact to notify when someone selects 'Product A' on the form
    • Click 'Update Send List' button
    • Then select the email message to send (e.g. Internal Notification)
  13. Click 'Next'
  14. Timeframe: Choose how soon you would like the employee to receive the notification after the contact has filled out the form. (e.g. Immediately)
  15. Click 'Save'.
  16. Repeat steps above for each employee that will receive a notification for a specific product.
  17. Once the Automation is complete, go back to the main 'Advanced Automation' page.
  18. Select your Automation and choose 'Activate' from the Actions menu.

Once all of the above is implemented, please ensure that you test the Automation by signing up to the form yourself and making sure that the internal employees all receive their notifications.


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