Code to avoid Follow

When it comes to coding your HTML email, there are some common things to avoid. These things are often ignored by email clients, which means that your email may not display the way you want it to. Avoid any of the following:

Embedding Forms - Web forms embedded within your email will not render/ function properly in most email clients.

Image Maps - If you want to use an image map, the best thing to do is slice your image and then put it back together using tables. You can then link each of the images. When using an image map, some features like heat maps in reporting may not function as expected.

Flash & Animated GIF Images - Outlook 07/2010 doesn’t support Flash. If you do choose to use a flash file or animated GIF, only the last frame will be displayed as a static image.

CSS Positioning or Float Styles - These will be largely ignored by most email clients.

Javascript - All Javascript will be stripped before the email reaches the recipients inbox.

Any Programming Code - Will be stripped before the email reaches the recipients inbox.

Embedded Video - The only email client this will work in is Apple Mail. If you want to simulate embedding a video, you can take a screenshot of the play screen, insert the screenshot as an image in your email, and then link this image to your video hosted online.

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