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Basic Layout

The pre-header is the text that a recipient will see in their email client (usually next to or just below the subject line), before they even open the email to view it. For additional information on the power of the pre-header, please see our blog article on the subject.

View Online Link:
If you use the ‘view online link’ component from the ‘Content’ section of the message editor, the link will automatically be created and link to a hosted online version of your email. This will allow recipients who can’t view images in their email client to view the full version of your message.

A header can be a combination of Image only, Image and Text or Text Only. If you are using image only, please remember to include ‘ALT’ text for your image. Keeping in mind that those recipients who cannot view images will see a blank space or red cross where your image used to be.

If you include alt text which says ‘banner image’ or something more descriptive, the recipient will know why there is a large gap at the top of the email.

Web Links:
Popular web links include: link to company website, update profile/ subscription links, contact information and subscribe/ register links. If you use the web links component, you will be able to easily add links via the ‘Component Settings’ in the right panel of the editor. The web links provide an easy-to-use and locate navigation for your recipient.

Article Titles:
Including a title in your paragraph components is an option that you can switch on or off. Paragraph titles have their own settings which are easy to use and change.

Article Paragraph Content:
You can stick with the in-built design features for the content of your paragraphs, or you can customise the HTML code in the source editor of the paragraph.

To access the source editor, simply edit the paragraph and then click the little blue HTML icon from the floating toolbar.

We highly recommend that anyone altering the code in the source editor has a strong knowledge of HTML. Please also refer above to the HTML coding tips and coding to avoid.

Paragraph Images:
Paragraph images can be turned off or on for each individual paragraph component. Paragraph text will wrap the image by default unless the image is centered in which case, text will be displayed below the image.

If you do not want your text to wrap around the image, you can create a simple table in your paragraph (one row, two columns, no border), and place your image in the right cell of the table.

The footer usually contains information for the recipient about why they are receiving the email and how to stop receiving communications from you. It also may contain your contact information.

Unsubscribe Link:
To remain spam-compliant, you must have a working unsubscribe link in your email message, which will operate for at least 30 days after your email send.

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