What is the ideal Email Width I should use? Follow

When deciding on the width you will create your email message, you should first consider where your contacts are likely to view their emails. In recent times with how busy everyone's inbox is, it is likely that your contacts will view their emails on the go (on tablets and mobile), and in their preview pane on their desktop. 

Keeping this in mind, we recommend designing your emails in such as way that the viewing will be optimal for this type of scenario. Therefore, we recommend for your desktop display to keep your emails to a maximum width of 650 pixels. Emails wider than this may display wider than a preview pane on the desktop, however, this does depend on the email client in use and the size of the screen.

For mobiles and tablet viewing, all drag and drop ready-templates within the system (including blank templates) will be mobile optimised for you upon creation. Please be aware that if you add content to the emails such as tables, you may receive a warning message which states that should you continue, the template may not be optimised for mobile and tablets. 

If you are creating a custom template using one of our HTML options, you will need to create the mobile optimisation yourself or have your designer complete this for you using CSS and media queries. 

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