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The Advanced Automation module allows you to engage your customers in real one to one marketing dialogue. It can provide huge value both to yourself and to your client. Imagine being able to send out highly relevant and targeted content to your contacts without having to log in and send the message out yourself! This is the type of value that the Advanced Automation Module offers for an additional monthly fee.

Using this advanced module you can create a series of e-mail and SMS messages that are triggered automatically based on the customer's profile and interactions across any time frame. Perfect if you wish to trigger off different emails based on an option selected on a form.

Some of the main uses of the Advanced Automation Module are as follows:  automated newsletter series, competitions and events, and profile based communications (via forms).

Before getting started with your Automated workflow, we recommend that you can plan the structure of your workflow before getting started.  The following video may be of help :

Advanced Automation training video

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