Confirmation Link in Emails Follow

When your account is first set up, by default you will have an 'Automation' folder under 'Messages'.

Should you wish to create a custom confirmation email to use for your double opt-in process, please see the following below for instructions on creating a confirmation link in your emails:

  1. Go to 'Messages'.
  2. Select 'New Message' on the right, and choose the message type and / or template you wish to create from (in my example below I am using a Blank Template).
  3. Once in the editor for your message, type your link text and then highlight it with your cursor inside of a text or paragraph component.
  4. Click on the 'Insert Link' icon from the tool bar.


  5. In the Insert Link window, select 'Web Forms' on the left.
  6. Using the drop down options select to link to the 'Confirm Subscription Page' for the list the subscribers have subscribed to.


  7. Now click the 'Insert Link' button and save your email message.

From here you may like to set up an automation to trigger the send on the confirmation email when someone subscribes via your form. For more information on this, please refer here.

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