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To help you maintain a clean list and the best possible deliverability rates, we always recommend having a double opt-in process set up for your contact lists. A double opt-in process is where a contact who subscribes is asked to confirm their subscription to your list by clicking a link in an email which is sent to them.

You can set up a double opt-in, even if you already have a subscriber list which is not confirmed. 

How double opt in works

  1. Subscribe Form: This is the form that your contacts will fill out to be subscribed to your contact list. After they fill this form out, they will be taken to the subscribe form 'thank you' page, which will inform them that they should receive a confirmation email shortly after subscribing.
  2. Confirmation Email: This email contains a confirmation link and will ask the recipient to click the link to confirm their subscription. 
  3. Confirmation Thank You Page: This page will inform the recipient that their subscription is confirmed and thank them for subscribing.
  4. Welcome Email (optional): This is an email which thanks the recipient again for subscribing and confirming their subscription, and welcoming them to your business contact list.

There are some great benefits to setting up a double opt-in process for your contact list/s. One of the main benefits is that contacts cannot be signed up by someone else against their wishes. This means that you are less likely to be reported for spam, and also makes it impossible for you to be wasting your emails on contacts who do not exist.

Having a double opt-in process also means that you are only sending to those contacts who want to receive emails from you. This means that you will generally have a higher open rate for your emails than if you were sending to a big list of unconfirmed contacts.

To find out how to set up your double opt-in process, please see our articles on setting up an autoresponder, creating your confirmation email, and searching and sending to confirmed contacts.

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