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If you need to send a pdf, Microsoft Word document or another file type to your contacts you can easily do so by linking the file from a text string (eg. Click here to download...) or an image.
The full list of file types which you can upload and provide links to within your emails are:

To link to a file from your message:
  1. Go to 'Messages' in your account.
  2. Select your message and then choose 'Edit' from the 'Actions' menu.
  3. In your message, highlight the text where you would like to create the link (e.g. Click here to download).
  4. Click the 'Insert Link' icon from the tool bar.


  5. From the first drop down menu item, choose 'Uploaded File or Image'.
  6. Click the 'Choose File' button.


  7. Select the file from your File Manager and then click 'Use File' from the left.
  8. Click the 'Insert' button.


Below are some reasons that we do not allow traditional attachments to be sent from the system with your emails:
  1. Many Internet Service Providers and end-users block emails above a certain size. If you send an Attachment with your email this can increase the size of your message, and therefore increasing the risk of your email getting blocked.

  2. When sending emails with attachments from any bulk mailing service you may find that most content and virus-scanning programs see attachments as a potential security threat and either block the attachment or the email entirely.

  3. Attachments for large lists use a lot of bandwidth. Hosted files are less expensive and result in better delivery rates. This therefore helps us provide lower costs to you for sending and by hosting your files it lets us provide you with tracking information on the link clicks.

  4. Linking to your attachments also makes it easier for your customers to access information as and when they want it instead of being forced to download upon delivery.
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