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When you are first logged into your account you will be taken straight to the Dashboard. From here you will see 3 options to choose from to get started:

  1. Create and Send an Email

  2. Add Contacts

  3. Upgrade Account or send SMS

If you wish to get started in your account with some training, just click ‘Enable Customizable Dashboard’ to access the training widget.

From here you will find the Live Training Sessions widget and if you click ‘Add Widget’ you can add in the Video Tutorial Library and any other widget that you require or is of interest to you, such as:

  • Training Resources

  • Weather

  • Reminders, and much more….

On the right of your Dashboard you will also see your Account Status which provides you at a glance information on your accounts current usage and some of your account details.

As the Dashboard is customisable with the provided widgets, you can make this page as helpful or as fun as you like!

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