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The Advanced Automation module allows you to automatically communicate with prospects based on items they've clicked on in an email, and update their profile in your contact list to state what they are interested in.

For example, you send out an email product brochure containing products A, B & C; if any of the product links in the email are clicked, the contact profile is updated on your contact list to show their interests, and they are automatically sent an email with more information on that particular product.

To set up this behavioural targeting workflow, follow the step by step instructions below.

Please note: These instructions assume that you already have the Advanced Automation module active in your account.

1. Plan your workflow

Plan your workflow by listing all the messages you intend to deliver during your advanced automation, the relevant lists these are to be activated against, and any time frames.

2. Create your messages

  1. Go to menu option > Messages
  2. Create your email as you would your normal messages and save it.
    e.g. For this case you would need to create messages for your main product brochure email, and then specific emails for Product A, Product B, Product C.

Please note: It may be worthwhile setting up a separate email folder to store your workflow messages into to help you locate it later, and prevent other users of your account accidentally deleting the messages.

3. Create your workflow

  1. Go to menu option > Automation
  2. Select 'Advanced Automation' from the options in the horizontal bar.
  3. Optional: Create a folder to store your campaign into by selecting > 'Add New' just to the right of the ‘Current Folder’ drop down box.

  4. Select 'New Workflow' on the right hand side.
  5. Enter the name of your workflow and save folder
  6. Select the preferred Start and End date, and click > New Step


4. Create Your workflow steps

STEP 1: If Product A is selected, send "Product A" email, and update 'Interested in' field in the database to 'Product A'

  1. The step setup screen will appear :

  2. Set the first section for this workflow by following these steps:
    • Select 'The following message being sent...'
    • Choose the Message Folder and Select the specific Message e.g. 'mail product brochure email'
    • Select ' the following List...'
    • Choose the List Folder and the specific List you plan to send this email to
    • Scroll down
  3. Select Trigger: 'Link Click', and 'Choose Link' e.g. the link to Product A, click > Next
  4. Select any relevant 'Advanced Options', scroll down
  5. Select Action: 'Send the Contact the Message...' and select Folder and Message for the 'Product A' Message
  6. Select the 'Advanced options'
    • Click 'add/edit'
    • Select the relevant field from the Field Criteria Dropdown, and the relevant value. e.g. 'Interested in' - 'set to' - 'product A'
    • Click 'OK'
  7. Then scroll down
  8. Select the relevant timeframe e.g. 'Immediately'
  9. Now click > Save

The step is now recorded against the Behavioural Targeting Workflow.

5. Repeat steps

Repeat Steps above so to set up the message trigger for Product B and Product C to trigger their relevant messages.

And finally, click > Save to finish your workflow.

6. Activate your workflow

Important: Make sure you test your workflow before activating. If you do not wish to test on the new workflow you have set up, you have the ability to 'Copy' your workflow through > Automation > Advanced Automation > Select your workflow > Copy from the ‘Actions’ menu.
Once testing is completed, you can activate the workflow:

  1. Go to menu options > Automation > Advanced Automation > Select your workflow and click > Activate from the Actions menu.

7. View your automation reports

Full reporting on all messages including a text overview and workflow map with associated statistics for every step.
View your campaign reports through menu option > Reports > Automation Reports.

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