Automating Birthday Messages using Automations Follow

If you would like to send your contacts emails on their birthday, maybe as part of a birthday promotion, you can do so via 'Automations' in your account.

To set up an Automation you will need to already have set up :

  1. A form which must have a valid and correctly formatted date field in your contact list.
  2. A Message to send

To set up a birthday Automation :

  1. Go to Automation on the left.
  2. Make sure that the 'Automation' menu is selected up the top.
  3. Click the 'New Automation' button on the right.


  4. Select the Type of Automation you wish to set (eg. 'Create Your Own Automation').
  5. Click 'Create'.


  6. In Step 1 of 4: Set the trigger as 'When the anniversary of a date field is reached'.
  7. In Step 2 of 4: Select the correct Folder, List, and Date field on that form that will trigger this automated message send.
  8. In Step 3 of 4: Select the Folder and the Message in that folder that you wish to send (eg. a birthday message).
  9. In Step 4 of 4: Set when to send this message.
  10. Click 'Save'.


  11. This will create a new Automation in your 'All Automation' list, from here you can also view how many emails and / or sms messages have been sent. You can also edit the Automation's name by hovering over the default name and clicking onto the pencil icon.


  12. From here you can also click the 'edit' option to turn this automation on or off.

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