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If you wish to schedule your send to go at a later time and / or date, you can select the Scheduling tab from the Send Details Page when sending a message, then just set when you wish this message to be sent.

  1. Go to 'Messages'.
  2. Select the message.
  3. Choose 'Send' from the Actions menu.
  4. Select the list you wish to send to and the particular segment of the list.
  5. Click 'Next'.
  6. Click the 'Scheduling' tab.
  7. Tick the 'Send later' check box.
  8. Confirm your current time zone is correct (if it isn't, see information further down the page for how to amend this).
  9. Choose the date and time that you would like this message to be sent out.
  10. Tick the check box if you want to include new contacts added between the time you schedule the send and the time the message is sent out.
  11. Click the 'Send message' button.

Clicking the 'Send message' button will queue the email to be sent at the specified date and time you have selected.

If you plan to schedule a send it is advisable to go into your Account Details first to check you selected the correct time zone for your account. This can be found by clicking 'Account' then 'Details', then taking a look at the 'Owner Details' tab.

If you wish to cancel a Scheduled send, maybe so you can edit it then reschedule it, please refer to the support article called Stop / cancel a scheduled send.

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