Uploading Files and Images Follow

To upload files and images, you will need to open the Files and Images manager and then click the 'Upload Files' button - it is that simple!

You can access the Files and Images Manager in two different ways:

  1. Directly from the message editor by choosing to insert or swap an existing message.


  2. Or by selecting the 'Files and Images' option on the left under Tools.


Once inside the files and images manager, you can upload a new item by clicking the 'Upload Files' button in the bottom left, this will bring up a file upload options.


You can either :

  • Drag and drop files into the manager
  • Click to browse your computer or device for a file
  • Enter a URL for a specific file

It is important to note the resize and overwrite settings as seen above. If you have the 'Resize Large Images' option selected when uploading an image, the system will automatically resize any image that is or is over any of these max. sizes:

  • max width: 1024
  • max height: 1024
  • max file size: 100 kb

You would use the 'Overwrite existing files' option if you are replacing an image that you have uploaded and want this to replace the existing image with the new one in all locations that the original image was used in.


Once you have chosen which way you want to upload your files they should appear in the window in front of you, after some uploading progress bars appear.

Remember, the files will be uploaded to the folder which is currently selected in the top left corner!

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