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When uploading contacts you can choose to upload into a new list or into an existing list. If you chose to upload the contacts into a new list, the system will automatically create a list and the field headings used in your file will become the list fields used. 

The system will accept either a CSV / Excel file or a simple copy and paste.

Here is a list of what we will be covering in this article (click to skip ahead):

  1. Uploading Contacts
  2. Upload Advanced Settings (as found in step 4 of 4 of the upload process)
  3. Upload Report
  4. Lists and Contacts Overview Video

To Bulk Upload Contacts

  1. Select 'Contacts' from the left menu then select the 'Upload Contacts' button.

  2. Select your Upload type:

    In this example, we'll use the Copy and Paste method.

    If you select 'File Upload', when you click this, you will be prompted to browse for a file on your Computer.

    File size Limitations on file upload are:
    CSV, TAB, TXT files: Max 10mb
    XLS, XLSX files: Max 3mb

    Once you select Copy and Paste, Copy and Paste your contacts into the window

  3. Once you have selected a file or pasted in your contacts, choose between creating a new list or adding the contacts to an existing list in your account and click 'Next'.

  4. Confirm your field headings by selecting the down arrow and selecting an existing field option or simply click the the plus sign to create a new field for the content. This will set up the fields for your list.

    At the field mapping stage you can also change the field type to make it easier to search and segment your contacts at a later stage. To do this:

    1. Click the pencil looking icon to the right of the field.

    2. Choose the desired type of field from the 'field type' drop down box. For a 'State' field I would recommend a drop down field type.

    3. Once the field has been selected, click the green 'Save' button.

    Prior to uploading, we do recommended checking the Advanced Settings (found just underneath the import button) and ensure you happy with how the system will upload your contacts.

  5. Click 'Import' to start importing your list.

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Advanced Settings:

Here you can control how you wish to upload and / or update your contacts upon upload.

Under Advanced Settings you can:

  • Tell the system if your file has headings or not
  • Update or ignore data based on a field

  • Allow duplicates in the upload or not - these are duplicates that exist within your file/ copy and paste only.

  • Set the country code for sms sends

  • Exclude unsubscribers or permanently bounced contacts from the upload against all list

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Upload Report:

Once your upload is complete you will see this report. It will state if all contacts were uploaded correctly or not. You can also download the report of contacts that did not upload correctly to fix any errors and re-upload.


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Contacts and Lists Video:

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