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You can add unlimited users to your account to grant other people access to work within the account.

To invite a user to your account :

  1. Click account in the top right corner, then users in the horizontal nav bar, then click the green New Account User button.


  2. Enter in the new user's details here and click the Invite User button.

  3. Alternatively, you can click the Set up Advanced Options link.

  4. In here you can navigate to the different tabs shown to set up additional features, such as menu restrictions for the new user.

  5. You are also able to set custom send limits for the user account.


  6. Once the email invitation has been sent to the new user and they click the link inside, the set up will be complete and the new user will be listed in the user list.

If you need to re-send the invitation to the new user for some reason, you can do so by : 

  1. Clicking the edit button on the right side of the pending invite in the user list


  2.  Click the 'Resend Invitation' button

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