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Would you like to set up a customised email notification which you receive when someone subscribes? Maybe you have quite a few fields on your list, and instead of receiving a notification with all of the data, you'd just like the relevant information? If so, read on to find out a bit more about setting this up.

Instead of using wildcards as per normal (e.g. %%First_Name%%) within the 'notification' email message, 'Advanced Automation wildcards' would need to be used instead (e.g. these wildcards allow the notification to be populated with the contacts details, and not those of the person being sent the notification).

To specify a Advanced Automation wildcard, simply append the "campaign_" syntax to the wildcard, for example :

%%First_Name%% would then become %%campaign_First_Name%%

%%Address%% would then become %%campaign_Address%%

Hash tags can also be used to denote a wildcard in the system, like so :

##Firstname## would then become ##campaign_Firstname##

Also, when using wildcards, although spaces are interchangeable with underscores, it is always safer to use underscores wherever possible, for example:

It is safer to use %%campaign_First_Name%% than %%campaign First Name%%. This is due to some spaces being rewritten with it's HTML entity code, and it is also possible that editing the text using the WYSIWYG editor or an external application may break the wildcard.


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