HTML code is being stripped from Editor Follow

To prevent the editor stripping HTML code, we recommend using the ‘Raw HTML’ format when creating your email message. This format will not strip any of your HTML tags.

If you're unable to use the 'Raw HTML' format and require someone to edit the email from the WYSIWYG,  there are some things to keep in mind which can help:

General Information

  • The editor relies on the web browser to work with the HTML behind the scenes.  This means different browsers behave a little differently and interact with the HTML in slightly varying ways.  For this reason, we recommend Firefox as it's generally a bit smoother with custom code.
  • Custom designed templates rely on tables.  For this reason knowledge of tables is essential for optimum user experience.
  • Some external applications can create HTML/CSS which isn't compatible with supported browsers.
  • If you want to be able to easily make significant layout changes to the template we recommend using a drag and drop template.

Design Specifics

  • The template will be edited in a WYSIWYG editor.  The WYSIWYG relies on the browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer) to manipulate the HTML.  Not everything can be modified by the browser/editor.
  • Avoid CSS where possible and stick to the older HTML attributes.
  • Use Inline CSS when you have to and you want the user to be able to modify it.
  • Use CSS between style tags if you want the user to be unable to modify design elements.  Gmail will not read this code however and it should be inserted inside the BODY tag.
  • Avoid colspan and rowspan for tables.  Instead use nested tables where possible.
  • Make sure the element (table/table cell) widths are set to the width they should be displayed at. No tricks that rely on other components that will break formatting when deleted.
  • The editor will strip out <head>, <meta>, <link> and <body> tags.
  • As an inexperienced user may edit the template and want to make changes not via code, the simpler the better.
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