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You can easily allow your contacts to select which newsletters or content they wish to be subscribed to from within the one Master List. Essentially you will create a Checkbox Field in your list, titled something like "Which newsletter(s) would you like to subscribe to?". This will included the items "Monthly News", "Special Offers", and "VIP Updates" for example.

Another instance in which you might like to offer your recipients is the chance to 'update their preferences' so to ask them how frequently they wish to receive your emails.

If this is something that you wish to set up for your List, please follow the steps in this article. Here is a list of what we will be covering (click to skip ahead).

Set up the List

  1. Select the 'Lists' tab.
  2. Double click to edit the list or create a 'New List' by clicking the option on the left.
  3. From the right side of the screen, choose 'Add new field'.
  4. Select 'Checkbox' and click 'Add'.


    Once you click to add the new field to your list, the Settings window for this will open so you can set up as required.

  5. Update your Field Name. In this example we are calling this "Which newsletter(s) would you like to subscribe to?"
  6. Enter in the check box items by typing one and clicking the + button to add then selecting the default options and clicking the - button to remove.


  7. Select Mandatory from the Validation Settings tab


  8. Click 'Save'

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Update known interests to contact profile.

Here you will be updating your contacts to say they are part of each subscription / segment so they can update this info later on. If you know which preferences your contacts wish to be subscribed to or are merging your lists into one, please update these contacts based on their known preferences.

  1. Select Lists.
  2. Select the list that you wish to update.
  3. Click 'Download' from the 'Actions' menu.
  4. Open your downloaded list in your preferred spreadsheet application, most likely Microsoft Excel.
  5. On the top row - A1, B1, C1 respectively there will be a list of database fields - locate your newly added field.
  6. Lets assume that it is (E1).
  7. In E2 (should be a contact) type in all preference options so your contacts can update this as required (or update with their actual preference if known).
  8. Update this for each contact in your list if their preference is known or simply copy all options for each row below so this can be updated by them later on.
  9. Save your CSV File.

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Upload the list back into the system

  1. Select Contacts.
  2. Select 'Upload Contacts' from the left.
  3. Choose 'File Upload'.
  4. Click 'Browse' and choose the file.
  5. Choose to upload into existing list and select the list.
  6. Click 'Next'.
  7. Ensure all of the fields are correct and the advanced settings are correct also.
  8. Click 'Import'.

For more information on this, please refer to the article called 'Updating an Existing Contacts List'.

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Set up your Update Profile Form

  1. Select Lists.
  2. Select the list you created for this and double click to 'edit'.
  3. Select the Update Profile Tab. Make sure you edit the 'update profile' section of the form and not the login page.
  4. Modify your form to suit. You want to ensure the database field you created above (Which newsletter(s) would you like to subscribe to?) is visible.


  5. Open up the 'Advanced Settings' menu on the right and tick the checkbox to 'Do not show login form if Contact has clicked through from an Email.'


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Replace the unsubscribe link with the new update profile link in your emails

  1. Select the Messages menu item
  2. Select the relevant email from the list
  3. From the Actions menu, select 'Edit Settings'


  4. Within the popup window that appears, click on the Footer Links tab
  5. Untick the checkbox for the Unsubscribe link, and click OK after reading the warning and then click 'Save Changes'
  6. In the footer of your email, create a link to your new update profile form by:
    1. Typing some text along the lines of "Update your subscription or unsubscribe".

    2. Link the text to the Update Profile form you created for this


  7. Instead of removing or updating the Unsubscribe link altogether, you may like to place text within the email which details how contacts can update their subscription (by clicking on a link) or that they can unsubscribe from all future emails by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer.

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Searching for contacts when sending

  1. Select Messages
  2. Click 'Send' from the Actions menu
  3. Select the Folder and List that you are sending to
  4. Click 'Search for Contacts (recommended for large lists)'
  5. Click Next
  6. Click 'Advanced Search'

This is where you will filter out the contacts that you wish to send to, lets assume that you're sending to all contacts who are subscribed to 'Monthly News'

  1. From the first dropdown, (Select Field...) find your new list field that you created
  2. From the next dropdown, select 'Includes any'
  3. From the third dropdown, select the newsletter group that you're sending to

You can always segment your list even further by clicking the 'Add Field' button.

In short, when you want to send a message to this database, ensure you are sending the message to only contacts that have the relevent 'newsletter' value in the field you set up.

For further information on sending to a segment of your database please refer the article called 'Sending to segmented contacts'.

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We highly recommend you test your set up to ensure your modifications have worked as intended. You may want to perform this function to a test database with yourself as the recipient.

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