Supported format for Date Fields Follow

Below are formats that will work when bulk uploading dates, these are the officially supported formats known to work with the system. There may be other formats that will upload into the system, however these are not supported and may be prone to error.

  • 12th Jan 2008

  • 12th Jan 2008, 13:00

  • DD-MM-YYYY, 23:59

  • YYYY-MM-DD 23:00:00

  • YYYY-MM-DD 23:00


The CSV file must also be uploaded to a database with an existing Date (and time if applicable) Field. The system currently cannot convert data post upload (that is, convert data in a text field to a date field after the upload has completed); to ensure you minimise any issues simply create the database and then the relevant database fields before beginning the Bulk Upload.

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