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Has a message you have sent out failed and you are not sure why? It is likely that there are a number of invalid email addresses within the list or missing email addresses used in a wildcarded field. Invalid addresses may contain commas, spaces, or other invalid characters, or do not contain an @ symbol.

Generally, the system does not allow invalid addresses to be subscribed into a list, however they can still be entered under certain circumstances, such as:

  • When entering contacts using an older versions of the API

  • When converting list fields

Another issue that could cause a send to Fail is if a From Address wildcard has been inserted into the message without having email addresses stored in the wildcarded field. As the message therefore does not have a senders email address this will cause the send to not complete.

Normally invalid addresses do not cause any issues and only those messages that do have a sender's email address will not be sent, however, as a precaution, the system will automatically fail any email sends where the number of invalid email addresses exceeds 10 plus 1 for every thousand emails being sent.

To address the issue, we recommend performing an 'Advanced Search' and identifying the contacts where:

  • The address contains a space

  • The address does not contain an @ symbol or contains 2 or more @ symbols

  • The address ends with a .

  • If applicable, the field being used for the from address wildcard does not have a valid email address stored for each contact in the list to send from

We then recommend deactivating the invalid addresses, or alternatively correct the addresses if possible to do so.

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