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If you would like to automate an email or sms send based on someone submitting information through a form (eg. subscribe form or unsubscribe form), this can be done by setting up an Automation against the list in question.

You can set this up easily by following the below instructions :

  1. Go to the 'Automation' menu.
  2. Make sure that the 'Automation' menu is selected up the top.
  3. Click the 'New Automation' button.
  4. Select to 'create' the Automation you wish to set (eg. 'Welcome New Subscribers').


  5. Select the 'Folder' and the 'List' you wish to trigger this against or click 'Add List' to create a new one for this purpose. Click 'Select and Go' when done.


  6. This will take you through to an Overview screen for your Automation. As you will see this automation is yet to be activated. This is because you now need to edit the automation and set up the message you want triggered and when.


  7. Click 'Edit' which looks like a pencil.
  8. In Step 1 of 4 : Select the Trigger (eg. When someone 'Subscribes').
  9. In Step 2 of 4 : Choose or Add the list. This will display your previous selection for you to confirm or change.
  10. In Step 3 of 4 : Select the Message you want sent when someone subscribes or click 'Create a new Email or SMS' if you are yet to create this message.
  11. In Step 4 of 4 : Choose when to Send.
  12. Click 'Save' once done.


  13. Once back on the overview page you can activate the automation by selecting 'On' when you are ready.


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