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If you are looking to remove the underline from a specific hyperlink in your message, this can be done in two ways:

  1. Formatting the link using the toolbar; OR
  2. Formatting the link by editing the HTML code

Using the toolbar to remove the underline

The easiest way is to highlight your hyperlink while editing your message and click the "U" button in the blue toolbar.


Editing the HTML code to remove the underline

This does require knowledge of HTML code - so the more experience the user has with HTML, the better.

To edit the code:

  1. Edit your message
  2. Double click inside the component that has the underlined links in it.  
  3. Then click the blue 'HTML' button from the tool bar. (A new window will appear with the code behind the paragraph/component.)

    A link in the code will have the following syntax :

    <a href="">LINK NAME HERE</a>

  4. You need to add style="text-decoration: none" on the links that you don't want to be underlined. You should include the quote signs like the example above.  An example is shown below :

    <a href=""> This is a normal link, it's underlined</a>

    If I add the no text-decoration/underline code, the link will be :

    <a style="text-decoration:none" href=""> This is an unusual link, it has no underline</a>

If you are looking to format all links in your message without underlines, please refer to the article called 'Removing Link Underline from all Links'.


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