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To link different areas of an image there are two different options.

Although both of these options should work, only one can be accomplished using just the Editor, and without needing a 3rd party application.

It is also worth noting that many email clients do not display images by default, and this may cause problems using an image as an email especially if there is no text content.  

We recommend a decent text to image ratio as spam filters can discriminate against image only messages.

The options to create an image map in an email are:

  • Splitting the image into multiple parts and using a table to put these back together (the images contained within the table cells can then be linked to desired location).  This is the recommend option.  Let us know if you'd like more information on using tables.

  • Using an HTML Image Map.  You will need a third party application to generate the code for the image map, or have your designer code this for you.

    You will then have to paste this code into the code section of your message. If you pursue this avenue, we recommend previous experience with HTML and image maps in particular.

Using either of the above 2 methods is possible within the system.

The vast majority of email clients support tables and image maps, however Gmail is known to be somewhat troublesome when it comes to image maps.

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