Convert an Email to PDF Follow

If you would like to configure your email message as a PDF, it is possible to do so.

Windows 10, Mac OS X and Google Chrome all have save as PDF options in the Print dialogue. If you are on an older operating system or alternate internet browser you will need 'PDF Printer/Writer' software installed (such as the free software, 'CutePDF') on your computer.  This software allows you to convert anything you can print to a PDF document.

If you have this or similar software installed, you can follow this process :

  1. Click on the 'Messages' menu.
  2. Select (click once on) the message in question.
  3. Open the 'Actions' menu (located in the bottom left corner of the messages table) and click 'Preview' or select the 'Preview' icon on the right.


  4. Click the URL to the right of the 'Online Link' label.  This will open the e-mail in a new tab of the parent window.

  5. You can then right click space around the outside of the Message, and select 'Print...'. Provided you are using a supported operating system, browser or have a PDF writer installed (such as 'CutePDF') this should give you the option to save the message as a PDF.


Alternatively, it may work better for you to provide links directly to the online version of your messages rather than PDF versions. To get the URL for your Messages, Preview them in the system and copy the URL to the right of the 'Online Link' label as per the preview window screenshot above.

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