Send to Friend Form restrictions Follow

To reduce the impact of any misuse, there are a number of limitations applied to Send to Friend Forms.

These are as follows:

  1. A maximum of 512 characters (including whitespaces) can be placed into the 'Your Message' section of the Send To Friend form. If the text is longer than this it will be shortened and an appropriate message added.

  2. All links (including mailto:) will be removed.

  3. Two or more new lines will be shortened into one line.

  4. The total number of Send to Friend emails which can be sent, per send, is 5 times the entire send size. For example, if an email is sent to 100 contacts, 500 Send to Friend emails can be sent at maximum, if 2 emails are sent, then only 10 Send to Friend emails could be sent for this send.

  5. Each contact is only able to send 25 emails using the Send to Friend form (eg a contact can complete the form a number of times). 

For further information on Send to Friend forms please feel free to take a look at the 'Send to Friend Overview' article and the article called 'Why is my message breaking when I Forward it to a Friend?'


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