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If you are holding an event on a referral basis, it is possible to collect the data of both the referrer and the referred.

To set this process up in the system you will need two Lists:

  1. The 'Referrers' List (this is the List containing the original invitees who you would then like to refer 10 friends).

  2. A new 'Referred' List (this is the List that will collect the new 'referred' contacts, or friends).

The 'Referred' List (2) will need to have List Fields called 'referrer name', 'referrer email' (and so on, how ever much data of the 'referrer' you would like to pull through to the new List).

These should all be text fields (including the 'referrer email' field), so the NEW referred contacts email will go into the 'email' field.

Create the invite Message, to be sent to the 'Referrers' List (1).

Within this Message, contain a link to a Form associated with the 'Referred' List (2).

Now, use the Form Autofill Feature to pull through the 'referrer name', 'referrer email' etc. fields with data from the Referrers List (1).

Note: These fields can be hidden on the form and the data will still be pulled through to the new 'Referred' List (2).

Below is a breakdown on how this will work:

When the invite is sent to the 'Referrers' List (1), they will click the link through to the 'Referred' List (2) Form – this will allow them to enter their friends details (which could trigger an autoresponder to these new Contacts if you would like).

Things to note:

A shortcoming of this process to be aware of is that it will not stop the Referrers from entering more than 10 Contacts. Each time they hit submit on the form they will be able to return to the form and enter another contact.

Using List notifications on the 'Referred' List you may be able to monitor numbers manually (depending on the size of numbers you are expecting). Alternatively, you may like to contract a programmer to design something that can automatically monitor the figures for you.



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