Merging multiple lists Follow

While lists cannot automatically be merged, typically the best ways to combine multiple lists into one, is to either:

  1. Download a copy of each list that needs to be combined, use an application such as Excel to open each file and place the data into one spreadsheet. The spreadsheet containing the combined lists can then be saved and uploaded.

  2. Download a copy of every list except for the list which will be used as the master list, then upload the files into the master list.

We recommend downloading a copy of the relevant lists before beginning the merge (as a back up copy).

Advanced Settings

  • When completing the upload, the 'Update existing contacts' setting will allow you to update any contact records in the list, with the records contained in the file (using the field that is selected).

  • The 'Do not upload duplicate contacts' setting only applies to the contact records contained within the file; this is used to ensure that only one contact record is uploaded (in the instance that duplicate records are contained within the file). Again this is based upon the field which is selected.

  • The 'Ignore duplicates' setting can be used to match duplicates between your file and the destination list, and then NOT upload the duplicate record from your file into the list. 

You may wish to note that deleting contacts will result in loss of all related statistical information.


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