Some %%wildcards%% in your Message do not match Follow

If you're receiving the following error:

"Some %%wildcards%% in your Message do not match the Fields in the "Master List" List"

This warning message is appearing as your message contains a wildcard which isn't matching up to a field in the list it is being sent to. Please check you are sending to the correct List, or ensure that %%wildcards%% match your Field Names.

Wildcards take the form of %%example%% or ##example## (## and %% are wildcard delimiters). The wildcard must also match the list field name.

For example, if the field being wildcarded is named First Name then possible options are:

%%First_Name%% , %%first_name%% , %%first_NamE%% , ##First_Name## , ##first_name%%

Please note that spaces in a wildcard must be replaced with an underscore. ie. Street Address would be %%Street_Address%% or ##Street_Address## etc.

We recommend checking that the wildcard within the email matches up against a field of the list being sent to (or simply ensure that all lists in your account have the same field names so therefore the same wildcard can be used across the board)

What do I do if all wildcards are correct and I still have this error message?

If after checking this you find no errors, please check to see if your message consists of a HTML and Plain Text version. If it does, you will see the ability to navigate between these two types of formats at the bottom of your message.

When using a HTML and Plain text message for the first time the Text version of the message is automatically created based on the HTML version you create. If you then edit this message you will need to make sure that you select the TEXT version and select to "Derive text content from template" otherwise the TEXT version of this older message will not be updated and could cause you errors.

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