Email is being marked as spam or junk Follow

We are sorry to hear that your emails are being sent to junk or spam. This can be quite a frustrating occurrence that we would love to help you fix. Please read on for some handy tips that may assist in resolving this issue.

If an email is delivered to the junk folder of an email client, we have found that this is typically because the junk/ spam filter that the recipient uses, or an intermediate mail server, has identified a combination of content or other settings of the email as junk or spam.

Here are some tips to help your junk/ spam mail woes :

  • Perform a 'Comprehensive Spam Analysis' via our Email Test feature in the system. This test will give you a detailed overview of how a number of common spam filters classify your email.

    To perform a comprehensive spam test: 

    1. Go to 'messages' in your account.
    2. Select your message.
    3. Choose 'new email test' from the actions menu.
    4. Choose the recommended or all email clients option.
    5. Once the results are finalised, click the 'view spam results' button.

    Please note that whilst the email testing is accurate for the majority of cases, it cannot replicate all factors you will encounter when you actually send the message (such as custom firewalls put in place on the recipients server).

  • Change the from/ sender email address of your message to see if this immediately resolves the issue. It's possible that your spam filters are recognising that while the from address is set to your domain, it isn't actually coming from your servers and therefore identifying the message as potential SPAM.

If this still doesn't help, it could always be some content in the email, and this can be harder to identify. Here's a couple of pointers to help out :

  • Alter the subject line.
  • Scan the email for words that might seem spammy (such as references to money or anything 'free').
  • If your email is image-heavy, try adding some text. A high image:text ratio can seem spammy to some spam filters.

Are you still having problems with your emails going to the spam or junk box? Please submit a ticket with us so that we can assist you further. 

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