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Oops, your email wasn't received? It can happen to the best of us, thankfully in 99.99% of cases, this can be resolved fairly easily.

A first step to take would be to check the deliverability settings in your account.

We've compiled the following steps in order of things you can do yourself to getting assistance from your IT team to troubleshoot further so you can get back on your marketing bike!

Step One: Check the Junk folder

And / or the Spam folder of your email client. Sometimes your email client won't like the content of the email that you're sending, and it can be something as simple as not enough text compared to images. 

Step Two: Did you send to a Gmail Account?

If you did then you may want to check the 'Promotions' tab at the top of your inbox. If your email is going to Promotions here is what to do:

  • Minimize the number of links in your email (to one link only). 
  • Have little or no images. (We know... its a marketing email right?)
  • Personalize your email to include the readers name.
  • Don't include promotional or spam like language.

The above information is also useful to keep in mind for getting emails through to the inbox in /

For / messages, use the above tips and also be mindful of maintaining your sender reputation.

Follow these rules:

  • Do you have / contacts who consistently don't open your emails? Stop sending to them.
  • If you consistently get complaints in your reports, start using a double-opt in process where people confirm that they want to receive emails from you.

Step Three: Change the sender address of your email

Are you sending to your company email and also using a company email as your sender email address? If so, this could be stopping emails from being delivered to you.

Some companies have security settings that prevent a third party system from sending you emails on your company's behalf. 

 A simply way to test this is to send the email to your personal email address (Gmail or and see if it comes through or try changing the from address to a personal email, then re-sending to your company email address, can help to narrow down if this is the issue.

If you change the address and the email is delivered, make sure you let your IT team know so they can resolve the issue. Which leads us to step four...

Step Four: If the email hasn't come through after an hour or two, contact your IT team

So you've tried everything else and now you have to get in contact with the team who makes everything work the way it should.

If you have a fairly large IT team, you should really be looking to contact a System Administrator or Mail Server Administrator. Otherwise, this information is quite generic and should help them either way.

Here's an email we've prepared for you to copy and paste to make things as pain free for you as possible:

Hi there,

We are using a new email marketing system and I'm trying to test some emails to my email address [email here]. The test emails aren't being delivered, and I've tried some basic troubleshooting but with no luck. 

I sent the test email at approximately [date] and [time]. Below is some information from their support which they asked me to pass onto you. Can you please take a look and see if there is anything preventing these emails from being delivered to me?

The IP address ranges which the email marketing system uses for sending:

Other potentially useful information:

The return-path is * or
All mail originates from a server with a hostname that ends in

Step Five: What now?

If your IT team finds the emails using the above mentioned information, our recommendation is generally not to white-list the full IP range however, there are other things they can do to further troubleshoot. 

To start with, we would recommend setting up email authentication, and use this to help unblock / filter email back to your inbox. 

If you or your IT team require any further information, or you have any follow up questions, please let us know.  



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