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If you're seeing an error message when trying to save or send your message it may be that your email contains links to local images or files. This article will identify the cause of this error message and guide you through resolving it.

You will see this warning message if you have linked a file that cannot be found within the file manager or online. These files or images will be inaccessible to your contacts from within your sent message and will need to be updated before sending your message.

The easiest way to fix this is to upload your files or images to the File Manager and update any links within your message.

Uploading files to the File Manager

The easiest way to fix this error will be to replace the images within your message, you can do this by selecting the image and using the replace image button. 

This will launch the File Manager, from there you are able to Upload Files or select an existing file in the File Manager. Once you have selected the new file select Use to replace your existing file or image.


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