Message has no content or text content Follow

If you're seeing an error message when trying to save or send your message it may be that your email has no content or no text. This article will identify the cause of these error messages and guide you through resolving them.

Message does not have any content

You will receive this warning when your message has no content, this will not prevent you sending your message. While we don't restrict users from sending blank messages you may see better deliverability with some content in your message, even if you're creating a new message it's always a good idea to add some content before saving.

Message does not have any text content

You will receive this warning when your message has no text only content, this is not related to text within your message but is displayed on older devices and email clients that do not display HTML content.

You can view this content by clicking on the Text button at the bottom of the message editor. You will be able to send your message without this text only content but any users who have disabled HTML messages will have a blank email displayed. It is recommended you add a summary of your message in text format in this section.

Within the Text panel there is an option to Derive text content from template, for most messages this will be a suitable option for creating a text only message.


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