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This article will provide steps to set up an auto-responding email based on the response to an SMS message.

In order to collect SMS responses from subscribers first see viewing and collecting SMS responses. You will also need to have created and saved the message/s that you'd like to send before creating your automation.

Some users find it helpful to plan their workflow before getting started, with all the messages you intend to deliver during your advanced automation, creating the relevant lists and fields and deciding on any time frames.

Please note: These instructions assume that you already have the Advanced Automation module active in your account.

You can either create a new 'Advanced Automation' or add a step to your existing workflow. If you're already comfortable with creating Advanced Automations you can click here to skip to the details.

1. Create your messages

  1. Go to menu option > Messages
  2. Create your email as you would your normal messages and save it.
    e.g. You might choose to have multiple messages based on the response from your subscribers, a message if they confirm and a message for a decline.

Please note: It may be worthwhile setting up a separate email folder to store your workflow messages into to help you locate it later, and prevent other users of your account accidentally deleting the messages.

2. Create your workflow

  1. Go to menu option > Automation
  2. Select 'Advanced Automation' from the options in the horizontal bar.
  3. Optional: Create a folder to store your campaign into by selecting > 'Add New' just to the right of the ‘Current Folder’ drop down box.

  4. Select 'New Workflow' on the right hand side.
  5. Enter the name of your workflow and save folder
  6. Select the preferred Start and End date, and click > New Step


3. Create Your workflow steps

STEP 1: If response is "Yes", send "Confirmation" email immediately.

  1. The step setup screen will appear :

  2. Set the first section of the workflow by following these steps:
    • Select 'The following message being sent'
    • Choose the message folder and the SMS message that was sent
    • Select the following List...
    • Choose the List Folder and the specific List that the SMS was sent to
    • Scroll down

  3. Select the Trigger:

    • Select Update Profile as the Trigger
    • Click Add/Edit

    • Add the responses you would like to have your message trigger from - eg Yes, Attending etc
    • If you have multiple responses to trigger from, you can add additional fields, you need to ensure you change your trigger to 'Match ANY Field' for this to work.
  4. Perform the Action: 

    • You have three choices from here:
      • Send the Contact a message
      • Notify one or more contacts of the response
      • Change the value/s of a field within your list
  5. Configure Timing
    • Lastly configure whether you'd like to action the trigger immediately or set a delay before triggering

4. Repeat steps

If you had any other additional actions you wanted to perform with your automation, repeat the steps above to set up the additional triggers.

And finally, click > Save to finish your workflow.

5. Activate your workflow

Important: Make sure you test your workflow before activating. If you do not wish to test on the new workflow you have set up, you have the ability to 'Copy' your workflow through > Automation > Advanced Automation > Select your workflow > Copy from the ‘Actions’ menu.
Once testing is completed, you can activate the workflow:

  1. Go to menu options > Automation > Advanced Automation > Select your workflow and click > Activate from the Actions menu.


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